December 1998 - September 1999


Epicerie and the Portable Store - Nicolas Floc'h, August 27 - September 27, 1999

Images from the Epicerie
Images from the Lawndale Garden

Ecriture Productive: Documentation
230 W. Superior, 2nd floor
Begins August 27, 1999
Opening: September 17, 1999, 5-8pm

These exhibitions made possible with the support of Etant Donnes, The Cultural Services of the French Embassy - Chicago, Ivy Crest Garden and Lawndale Community Outreach Services, and The Experimental Station.

Andreas Fischer, Matthew Hanner and Robert "Jake" Jacobs - Organized by Whitewalls, July 9 - August 9, 1999.

Mobile Sign Systems: A Temporary Public Art Project
- Organized by Marc Fischer, June 11 - June 26, 1999 

Sandwich boards by: Jim Duignan, Anthony Elms, Oli Watt, Harold Jefferies, Jacqueline Terrassa, Erik Brown, Zena Sakowski & Rob Kelly, Matti Allison & Marc Fischer, Michael Piazza with Ronald S. from the Cook County Juvenile Dentention Center

Images of sandwich boards
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Make your own sandwich board
Text from the booklet

Travelling, Hindu Temple Series
Travelling, Hindu Temple Series
- Mikelle Standbridge, April 24 - May 20, 1999, located at 213 E. Cullerton in Chicago.

Booklet text and images

Stephanie Ognar, MSCHarding and Lilliane Yvonne -
April 16 - May 10, 1999. 

Stephanie Ognar - 12 flip books
MSCHarding - audio installation/field recording
Lillian Yvonne - designer of Temp. Serv.'s micro- lounge

Maybe not the darkest, sexiest party,but still... (psychological effects of long-term inclement weather)
- Lillian Yvonne, Saturday, February 13, 1999.

First exhibition: Axe Street Arena, The Allison and Fischer Atlas and Disc - December 18, 1998 - January 25, 1999 .

Axe Street Arena - a documentary exhibition of the Chicago gallery/meeting space that was active during the 1980s - compiled by Michael Piazza. Images

Matti Allison and Marc Fischer - selections from the "Allison and Fischer Atlas". Images

 - audio installation